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We offer maintenance and service for a broad range of devices for your oligo production process.

In addition, we offer new and refurbished devices to buy as well as spare parts, consumption goods and reagents.

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Devices - new and refurbished

Do you need an additional device for your lab? Or do you plan to replace an old deivce? We will find the appropriate device for your application and budget requirements.

Service and maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a smooth production process in your lab. In case a device is unexpected out of service, we will provide a repair date or send you spare parts after a consultation via telephone.

Optimizing your production process

Our extensive experience will be useful if you plan to optimize and re-structure your production process. We support you with our technical and practical knowledge.

Spare parts

Whether a teeam member wants to repair a device or if you engange us to do the repair work, we have necessary spare parts in stock.

Consumption goods + reagents

Besides spare parts we also offer a broad range of consumption goods/reagents needed in the oligo production process.

More information needed?

Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will set up an appointment to answer any questions you might have. Of course, this appointment is completely non-binding.

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   Lab devices new/refurbished

New devices

We offer a broad variety of devices used in DNA-/RNA- and peptide synthesis and downstream processes. New devices include the AutoOligo and AutoPure and the automatic pipetting robot i.prep.


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Consult an expert

It is our company policy to offer consultation services before you buy a device. We will give valuable input based on our experience which device will meet your requirements best.

Refurbished devices

Sometimes it is a good choice to go for a refurbished lab device instead of buying a new one. All our refurbished devices are extensively tested and will  have passed our internal QM policy requirements. We offer ABI, AKTA, Expedite, .

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Do you want to sell an old lab device? Or do you want to buy a lab device?

   Who we are

Marc Niwar

Marc Niwar

Founder & CEO

Detailed technical know how when it comes to producing oligos and peptides.

Extensive experience (over 20 years) in optimizing consisting as well as establishing new production processes for oligo/peptide synthesis. Expert in designing concepts for most efficient synthesis processes.

Ludwig Stöckl

Ludwig Stöckl

Founder & CEO

Expert in lab devices for DNA-/RNA- and peptide synthesis, ranging from small scale to large scale production and corresponding downstream processes.

Over 30 years of experience in providing maintenance and service as well as consulting customers. Well connected within the Biotech industry and shareholder of several biotech companies.