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   Who we are

Marc Niwar

Marc Niwar

Founder & CEO

Detailed technical know how when it comes to producing oligos and peptides.

Extensive experience (over 20 years) in optimizing consisting as well as establishing new production processes for oligo/peptide synthesis. Expert in designing concepts for most efficient synthesis processes.

Ludwig Stöckl

Ludwig Stöckl

Founder & CEO

Expert in lab devices for DNA-/RNA- and peptide synthesis, ranging from small scale to large scale production and corresponding downstream processes.

Over 30 years of experience in providing maintenance and service as well as consulting customers. Well connected within the Biotech industry and shareholder of several biotech companies.

   Founding of OPST GmbH

Ludwig and Marc have known each other for many years now and had worked together in the past as customer/service provider. Both sides profited from the exchange of knowledge during that time immense.

One day not too long ago both had a lunch in one of Germany’s cozy beer gardens and talked about life and work. And both came to the conclusion that it was time to bundle their expertise and start working as partners to serve the biotech/life science industry with their combined broad portfolio.

Marc’s professional career started as head of oligo synthesis and ended as senior director and later head of manufacturing in several companies in Germany. Thus, Marc gained very extensive knowledge in the field of DNA/RNA and peptide synthesis starting from designing probes and primers and optimizing corresponding production processes.

He also often laid hands on the devices as he is convinced that knowledge about maintaining lab equipment for correct functioning will be useful when optimizing production processes in general.

During that time Ludwig was not only the supplier for spare parts or spare devices but also offered a sympathetic ear and gave helpful hints and answers to questions regarding lab equipment and maintenance.

Ludwig’s professional career has lead him to being an expert when it comes to lab devices in DNA/RNA and peptide synthesis and downstream processes. Being a founder of several successful biotech businesses he is very well connected in the biotech branch.

Marc’s and Ludwig’s insights in and knowledge of DNA/RNA and peptide synthesis compliment each other perfectly. They both have a passion for consulting their customers, always keeping in mind the individual needs and demands, and love to offer solutions to simplify your daily lab routine.  

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Devices and lab stuff

We offer a broad variety of lab devices for DNA/RNA and peptide synthesis. Besides new devices we also have refurbished devices in stock. These are tested extensively and usually come with a 90 day warranty on parts. 

In addition, we also have spare parts, reagents and consumption goods for sale. 

Distribution partner

We are happy to confirm being exclusive partner in the DACH region for the pipettic robot i.prep and being distribution partner for AutoOligo and AutoPure.

If you are interested in our distribution support, let’s have a talk to find out how we can support your sales team.


Lab devices need service and maintenance on a regular basis. We will take care of all necessary work either on basis of an individual order or within the scope of a service contract.  

If you already have a sales team and just need an additional partner for service and mainetance, we will also be happy to support you.


Do you need a lab device and do not know which device will suit your needs best? Do you wish to optimize lab routines and production processes in general?

We have over 20 years of experience when it comes to lab equipment, automation processes and establishing new production processes and production sites.

Let’s have a talk so we can find out how we can support you!

Do you want to sell an old lab device? Or do you want to buy a lab device?