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Here you can find an overview of all device families we are offering at the moment.

By clicking onto the device family you will be taken to a subsite that lists specifications and (within the next few weeks) application suggestions for the specific device. You will also find a list of devices in stock for sale.

If you have a question that you will not find answered there please do not hesitate to contact us! We are very happy to help you and can also provide information on devices for sale we are not listig here.

i.prep by VEON Scientific

The i.prep is an automatic pipetting device produced by the company VEON Scientific.

The i.prep will save your team members’ time and thus set free additional capacities for other projects and project steps.

We are happy to be the exclusive distributor in the DACH region selling the i.prep and thus offer service and maintenance as well.

If you have any questions regarding the i.prep or if you wish to see an application demonstration please feel free to contact us.

AutoOligo/AutoPure by Inscinstech

AutoOligo und AutoPure produced by Inscinstec. Different column sizes available for any scale production of DNA/RNA or peptides.

We are happy to be Inscinstec’s distributor in the DACH region selling AutoOligo and AutoPure according to your lab and production needs. We also offer service and maintenance for both devices.

If you have any questions regarding daily usage of the devices we can provide you with contact details of a reference lab that is already using AutoOligo and AutoPure on a daily basis.



AKTA synthesizer & HPLC/FPLC

AKTA device family is well-known when it comes to oligo synthesis or HPLC/FPLC.

We offer service and maintenance for your AKTA devices that you currently have in use. If you are interested in purchasing a new AKTA device we will consult you according to your specific requirement. In addition, we also offer used devices which are refurbished and well-tested and passed our internal quality tests.

ABI synthesizer

Synthesizer by ABI are also well-known and established for oligo synthesis.

We offer service and maintenance for your ABI devices in your lab.

If you are interested in buying an ABI, we can offer you either new or refurbished devices according to your requirements.

Do you want to sell an old lab device? Or do you want to buy a lab device?