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Synthesizer and HPLC/FPLC

AKTA device family

We have several different synthesizer and HPLC/FPLC AKTA devices in stock.


According to your requirementes we can offer

  • AKTA Oligopilot 10 or 100

as a DNA/RNA synthesizer.


If you are looking for a FPLC AKTA system you can choose between:

  • AKTA Purifier 10 or 100
  • AKTA Explorer 10 or 100
  • AKTA Pure

Please contact us if you wish to get more information which device will suit your needs best. Of course, we also offer service and maintenance for all AKTA devices.

Please feel free to provide your contact information and questions in the contact form below so we can get back with you as quickly as possible.

Small impression of our work.

This AKTA Oligopilot needed maintenance our customer asked us to do. All new valves and pumps were checked for proper functioning after exchanging parts that were worn out. 

After all internal QM tests were successfully passed, the AKTA Oligopilot is carefully wrapped up to ensure it will not get damaged during the delivery process. We then made arrangements with our customer to send the AKTA Oligopilot back to our customer’s lab. 

We work with shipping providers that ensure a safe and proper handling for all our packages and devices. 

Overview: refurbished devices currently in stock.

For further details please visit our current listings at LabX.

All refurbished devices come with a 90 day warranty on parts, if not specified otherwise.

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